Rosa Correale metamorphic technique practitioner


Take off your shoes and socks, sit back and  relax.(25 -30 mins)

Give yourself some time off to experience the gentle metamorphic touch  

  (10 mins)

A sublime feeling

   (10 mins)

This school of thought was founded by British naturopath Robert St. John in the 1960s. He had been practising reflexology on his patients but found he had more success if he gave up trying to bring about a specific result and gave a general massage of the spinal reflexes. It was further developed by his student Gaston Saint-Pierre in the 1970s who coined the term Metamorphic Technique and founded the Metamorphic Association in 1979.

Treatments take place in the peaceful  atmosphere of the locally crafted  Cabin, which Robert St John had built for him during the time we were working together.

Utterly relaxing!

Mary H, Wymondham

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 brainchild of Robert St John:

What people say

The Cabin, Place of Peace

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Metamorphic sessions with Rosa are always gentle, relaxing and grounding, but it’s the journey that happens afterwards that’s far more exciting and creative in reconnecting to the self.   It’s a mysterious yet profound healing experience.

Dee McCall, Life Alignment Practitioner

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In winter, there will be a cosy welcome and the warmth of the wood burning stove.


Rosa consistently slows my world and steadies and expands my mind. The ripple effect of her powerful treatment can be felt long after I’ve left the comforting confines of her log cabin, which can be found nestled amidst the mid-Norfolk countryside, untouched by the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This beautiful tranquil treatment will beckon you to return time and time again.

Suzannah S, Norfolk

I experience Rosa as a gentle and compassionate person who I feel has a genuine gift for healing. Her many years of training and practice together with a deep intuitive sense are a powerful combination. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rosa and the Metamorphic Technique if you are looking for something to support you in your life journey towards wholeness.

Liz D, Norwich