Rosa Correale metamorphic technique practitioner

I was born in New York and moved to the UK in 1980 with my future husband, Nig, whom I met in Crete whilst I was on a European tour. We moved to Norfolk in the nineties and I became a British citizen.

I have always been  interested  in ‘alternative’ ways of being and of interacting with Nature and as soon as I had experienced the Metamorphic Technique, I knew I wanted to find out more. I trained with Gaston St Pierre in London in 1990 and met Robert St John soon after. Robert had recently returned from Australia where he had been practising. His student, Donna Armanasco was with him and we quickly became friends. Nig and I found a house deep in rural Norfolk which not only appealed to us as a family but appealed to Robert; we all felt that the energies were perfect. Robert lived and worked in the cabin he had built in the garden and I studied and practised with him. Encouraged by Robert, I used Metamorphosis not only on human clients, but also on trees and animals, always with positive effect.

Today, I work in the same place, grateful for the natural environment and positive energies that exist here. I intend to continue to try to help others to help themselves through the simple technique that I learned more than two decades ago.


Where would I be without the friendship and support of the girls? The six of us have met once a week for over 10 years now, to exchange ideas about life, love and healing and, of course, to do feet!

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Rosa Correale worked closely with Robert St John in Norfolk during the time he was developing Metamorphosis. She is a registered Natural Healer with the Norfolk Healers and has worked extensively with the Metamorphic Technique and Healing Arts

Here is the family taken

Summer 2017

I have a keen interest in yoga  and it has been part of my daily routine for many years. I began meditating in 2008 after learning Centering Prayer meditation from Cynthia Bourgeault. In addition, I keep a Grateful Journal in which I write at the end of the day.

I am part of a singing group, led by  Teresa Verney. I believe strongly that singing is a powerful healing tool.

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